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Welcome To Merkaba Healing 


Meet Brooke

Hi! I’m Brooke Zelcer, a certified Mental Health Counsellor, Breathwork Therapist, and Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach based in Winnipeg, Canada. I dedicate my time and energy in holding sacred space for those who are seeking to heal by embracing their whole, unique, and divine self. I am passionate about bringing Mind, Body, and Soul into the healing journey as I believe that in order to sustain balanced wellness, we must gently lean into the darker parts of ourselves so that we can embody our light. I am here to support and guide you as you align on your path.

My Specializations

Mental + Emotional Health

Path Alignment

Pranayama Breathwork

Nervous System Regulation

Holistic Health + Nutrition

Spiritual Enlightenment 

Client Testimonials

"Brooke is an amazing human! I've been seeing her for over a year now and in doing so, she's helped me through the hardest times/decisions of my life. She gives me the space to (ugly) cry, smile, laugh, sit with my feelings, and most of all, she reminds me to give myself compassion! She's an external voice of reason and is there to give me a boost no matter how small or large my problems are. The best day of my week is the day I see her, and I am forever grateful for her support!"


"The healer you have been looking for
is your own courage to know and love yourself completely"



Please don't hesitate to ask any and all questions you might have! I'm here for you!

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