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Hey there, I'm Brooke!

Hi beautiful souls! I am honoured that you have found your way here and that you are ready to invest in yourself. You deserve it!! ! I believe that life is a wild journey that ebbs and flows in the most unexpected ways. To be able to make it through each moment unscathed is impossible, but to grant ourselves the opportunity to find comfort through the ups and downs is the biggest gift we can give ourselves. 


Coming from a family rooted in academia, I really felt as though pursuing a university education right out of high school was my only option. And so I did. I received my Bachelor of Science in Environmental Sciences and a Bachelor of Arts in International Development Studies, all through the University of Winnipeg. Environmental Sciences was an easy choice for me as I am and have always been a lover and defender of our planet. My interest in International Development stemmed from my deep interest and passion for helping others. Much of my learning encompassed understanding different ways to promote long-lasting and sustainable change in developing countries. One method that always stood out to me was the ‘bottom-up’ approach. This is when development starts at a community level and grows on a larger scale as the community can sustain itself socially, economically, and environmentally. Although this concept and area of study fascinated me, it left me wondering about the individuals within these communities. How could a community grow and sustain itself if the individuals within the community may have endured trauma, both on individual and community levels? And this is what took me down the path of psychology. While my initial goal was to help on a community level, I realized that my passion lies in the connection I can make with individuals and the transformative effects that healing has, not just on an individual, but also the ripple effect it has on ones community. 


After university, I had a number of really amazing workplace opportunities, all while pursuing my Masters in Counselling Psychology. While I am beyond grateful for all of these experiences, something inside of me told me that I was not doing what was meant for me. I know that it would have been easier to stay on this road of discontentment, but that is not me. I simply can’t do what doesn’t feel right. So over the next several years I pursued a number of interests within the field of mental health and healing. Some things deeply spoke to me and motivated me, and others left me feeling stagnant and confused. Overtime, and with the help and support from my people, I began to feel myself align on my path. And here I am. 


My journey towards getting here has been filled with trials and tribulations; extraordinary  accomplishments, and gruelling defeat. I have had to face and overcome some incredibly challenging times, but in giving myself that space and compassion to really feel through those moments, I have been able to grow and transform into the powerful, divine woman I am today.


I am so excited to be able to work with those of you who feel that existential struggle as well. My goal is to be your guide and support on this wild ride. I will always meet you where you are at and never have any expectations of you to be anywhere other than where you are. Every one of us has our own uniquely beautiful path, so there is no place for judgement or comparison here. I intend to provide a safe, fully inclusive space for you to be your full, true, authentic self. Come as you are. Leave feeling even more like you. 


My Philosophy

I believe that we are born into this world whole. As we grow, we experience all that life throws our way. Certain situations, traumas, social/familial conditioning and restraints slowly chip away at us, making us feel less than whole. By connecting back to self through a mind-body-soul approach, we can move back to wholeness. Through my journey I have come to realize that in order to heal we need to RELEASE instead of ACQUIRE. Acquiring ‘things’ to try to feel better only adds weight and burden to our lives. Sometimes we are in search of how to feel better, so we cope. Coping is not a bad thing, but sometimes the way in which we cope is not always serving our highest good. In order to return back to wholeness, we need to release all of the conditioning that is no longer serving us. Letting go of the pain, discomfort, attachments, old beliefs and identities. Release emotions and pent up stress within the muscles, the body, and the mind 


I strongly believe that the healing journey has to encompass all three pillars of wellness; mind, body and soul. This is never an easy task as we all struggle in at least one of these areas, but it is my passion and goal to help you find that balance.

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