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6 Month Container: 
Deep Dive: Transformation, Discovery + Connection


This Program is designed for those who are yearning to make sustainable and long-lasting changes in their life. This type of change takes time, practice, and patience. Whether you are wanting to embark on your journey of self discovery, you need support and guidance in making changes to your lifestyle, habits, mindset, and/or nutrition, or you are wanting to deepen your soul connection, this program is for you!

Who are you? What motivates and inspires you? What is dragging you down? How are you FEELING? By using a mind-body-soul approach we will be able to really discover your true essence. This connection to self will heighten your intuition, deepen your self knowledge, and strengthen your worth and trust in yourself. Dedicating these 6 months towards healing and alignment is the type of love you deserve to give yourself!

What is included:

-60-90 minute sessions We will schedule at least 2 sessions per month
-1* breathwork journey per month

      — discussion and processing before and after each session
-1* mental health/discovery chats per month
-‘Homework’ (specific guided meditations, journaling prompts, movement ideas etc.)
-Additional contact throughout the week via the Voxer App.

*all breathwork journeys will be specifically tailored to YOU
*we can add extra sessions if wanted/needed

Sessions can take place both in-person and online, however it is highly recommended to book breathwork sessions in-person. 

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