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3 Month Container: 
Return to Self to Find Balance and Flow


There is no denying that these last few years have been incredibly difficult. Many of us have deeply struggled and may feel as though we have lost ourselves in the chaos of just trying to maintain a sense of peace. This program is built for those who are just trying to keep up but feel as though everything is out of control. You know who you are, but you just can’t quite get a grip on embracing and living in your true self. The goal of this three month container is to tap back into your core being by finding ways to embrace and embody who you are, authentically and unapologetically.

Utilizing a mind, body, and soul approach will allow us to tap into how much energy you have, where it is going, and how to gently reallocate it so that you can feel more aligned in your being. FEELING yourself in the present moment. Releasing what is no longer meant for you, and embracing your full, beautiful, authentic self. This will allow you to connect back to self, discover new possibilities, and reinvigorate your spark!

What is included?

-We will schedule at least 2 sessions per month (each session will be 60-90 minutes)
-1* breathwork journey per month
— discussion and processing before and after each session
-1* mental health/discovery chats per month
-‘Homework’ (specific guided meditations, journaling prompts, movement ideas etc.)
-Additional contact throughout the week via the Voxer App.

*all breathwork journeys will be specifically tailored to YOU
*we can add extra sessions if wanted/needed

Sessions can take place both in-person and online, however it is highly recommended to book breathwork sessions in-person. 

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