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1 Month Container :
Deep Release and Settle Into Peace


This program is built for those who are experiencing major dysregulation. If you are stuck in a depression, feeling extremely overwhelmed or stressed, having uncontrollable anxiety, experiencing burnout, or just don’t feel like ‘you’ anymore. The goal of this one month container is to gently dive into the tough stuff and find some flow and ease as you move your way through it.

Let’s work on releasing the things that are no longer serving you and acquire wholeness by returning back to self. It is important to recognize the different parts of ourselves that we inherently care for, but we also need to recognize and address the parts of ourselves that we tend to neglect/forget about. In this contanter we are going to tap into mind, body, and soul. The purpose in this is to find some balance and harmony. Let’s tap into how much energy you have, where it is going, and how to gently reallocate it so that you can feel more aligned in your being. We will deep dive in talk-therapy sessions, and use breathwork journeys to allow these changes to settle into your subconscious.

What is included?

-We will schedule 4 sessions, 1 every week (each session will be 60-90 minutes)
-2 breathwork journeys
 — discussion and processing before and after each session
-2 mental health/discovery sessions 
Additional contact throughout the week via the Voxer App.

*all breathwork journeys will be specifically tailored to YOU
*we can add extra sessions if wanted/needed

Sessions can take place both in-person and online, however it is highly recommended to book breathwork sessions in-person. 

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